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The customer confirmed to us that he would in all likelihood only be using the vehicle for winch challenges and the Welsh 150. From this information, we knew the vehicle had to meet or exceed the MSA rules and regulations so these factored heavily in our thought process during the manufacturing of this.

The Roll cage was mainly made out of T45 steel as we knew this was the best, lightweight roll cage tube to use as the tube walls are thinner however keep their strength well.

For this project, we had a customer approach us and ask us to build a lightweight vehicle with a low centre of gravity and built with a PD engine and Discovery 2 axles.

This project was unusual in that we never designed it on CAD before we began. We arranged the components on a table and began building through previous knowledge of the best and easiest way to build a vehicle. 

We heavily focused on the low centre of gravity element of the brief and ensure visibility was the best it could be. We also kept refering back to the MSA handbook to ensure everything we were doing met the rules and regulations to guarantee our customer would be able to race in the competitions they wanted to.

Since finishing this challenge truck, the customer has gone on to be very successful, managing 3rd place their last time out, unfortunately missing the win due to a few penalties.

Challenge PD Buggy

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