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Race Support

Between the pair of us, we are incredibly experienced in offering race event support, race preparation and post race repairs. 

We have supported races in Spain, America, Morocco as well as all over the UK on hill rallies, stage rally events as well as the Baja and desert rallies

Race Support

A Day in the Life

Before the race, we take your car and check it over, add any parts that need changing and set it up ready to go. 

On the race day or days, we complete a bolt check before you head out and ensure both driver and co-driver are happy and ready to go.

Once you come back in, we listen to you to understand if anything doesn't feel right or if something happened on course that we need to be aware of. Once we have this information we prioritise the potential issues and then give the vehicle a full check over and prepare the vehicle so you can head back out on course as quickly and as smoothly as possible. We continue to do this every time you come in to ensure you keep racing.

After the race is completed, we can take your car into our unit and give it a full health check and inspection. We check all drivetrain components, chassis and suspension systems, ball joints and bushes, axles, differentials and wheel bearings along with the engine, cooling systems, electrics, fuel and air systems. Finally we check the wheels and tyres so that at the end of our inspection, your vehicle is ready to go straight back out and race. Any parts that are damaged or worn, we will make you aware of and replace on your agreement.

D2 Axle Strip
KoW Steering Box Change
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