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EVO Axles


In 2020 we set to design and manufacture our own domestic made Motorsport axle for extreme winch challange. Ultra 4 and rally raid purposes. 

With the popular Y61 axles reacing their limit on 40" tyres and increasing horsepower, we set to design something that would meet the needs to todays and tomorrows offroad vehicles.

we carried over the Y61 differential but increased the shaft spline size to 35 spline, the CV's and unit bearings steering joints brake calipers and discs are easily available worldwide for easy maintanace, the whole knuckle assembly is custom designed by ourselves for minimised scrub radius, 110" akerman to suit most vehicles in a simple package that makes servicing a breeze 

in the past 18 months our axles have racked up over 20 podiums and many wins across disiplines, and are now being sold into europe and beyond

we have standard widths available, or can do completely custom widths and offset to suit your individual vehicle. 

contact us for more information. 

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