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At our unit in Lichfield, we have everything we need to make your dream design a reality. From the plasma table to the pressbrake or TIG/ MIG welders, we have the ability and facilities to build whatever you would like.


We will create the customers idea through either working from a design the customer has created or one we have created in line with the customers requirements.

We can then cut, bend, weld, turn or mill the materials in order to make the design a reality.

We can also work to industry standard drawings.

Our facilities including:

  • CNC Plasma cutter - up to 12mm Steel. Can also cut Aluminium or Stainless in a thinner material

  • 3d scanning and recreation facility

  • 2m 50 tonne Press Brake

  • Tube bender

  • Tig welder - can weld Steel, Stainless and Aluminium

  • Mig welder

  • 15 foot by 5 foot chassis Jig table

  • Steel stock in house

  • Mill

  • Lathe

  • 30 tonne press

  • Fly press

Plasma Cut perfection

We are skilled welders and fabricators with around 20 years combined experience. we continuously push ourselves to learn and achieve new and better things.

we are also able to reverse engineer any existing parts in order to make them new.

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