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Blackbird Steering Resovoir

Blackbird Steering Resovoir

Excluding VAT
expected to ship mid december

Steering res/filter assembly.

Filters are often overlooked in a Hydro steer system and its something we have found to be critical in terms of pump and orbital reliability.

They're also often an afterthought. So we sat down with an idea in mind to create a compact unit that does both jobs in one.

Here are the specs:

1L capacity

19 PSI pressure cap for increased resistance against cavitation, and to keep the system sealed from external contaminants

Radial flow design to encourage the separation of air from fluid as it comes back into the reservoir

Multiple mounting options with pre threaded holes to make your life easy. (Dimensions available)

3x different options for fluid return position (5/8" BSPP to match our steering coolers)

Compact and simple design

Introductory price of £350+VAT, including filter and cap, Now taking pre-orders on the first batch as we await the machined parts.

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