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Nissan H233 35 spline locker

Nissan H233 35 spline locker

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This Air locker bolts straight into existing Y61 differential housings allowing you use bigger, stronger 35 spline shafts, so now you can use Spidertrax, Curries, Blackbird or ORA housings with 35 spline shafts and your favourite Y61 Air locking differential.


This is the world’s first factory built 35 spline Air locker for Nissan Y61 axles, and is being built by ARB 4x4 Accessories at their factory in Australia,  EXCLUSIVELY for Gigglepin 4x4. It is not available anywhere else!


These lockers are the next level for Y61 users and offer all the advantages and reliability of an ARB Air locking differential.


Unlike their 33 spline brother (RD135), the RD265CE comes supplied with Timken carrier bearings meaning you have everything you need to make your conversion.


What is in the box:

•             1x  Bulkhead connector kit 6mm (170114)

•             1x Air control ring

•             1x Bearing adjuster nut

•             1x Air control ring lock clip

•             2x Air control seals (160207)

•             9x Plain washers

•             1x Locker switch (180224)

•             1x Air solenoid (180103)

•             25x Cable ties (180305)

•             2x Timken Bearings (32010x)

•             1x Instruction booklet

•             6 metres Nylon 6mm competition spec piping (extra heavy duty)

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